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Can Red Light Therapy reverse Grey Hair?

The process of ageing can be a tricky one. The beauty of our bodies starts to fade away as gravity becomes more and more apparent in our lives. As we get older, wrinkles, grey hair and other aesthetic imperfections become increasingly noticeable.

Red light therapy is a treatment that uses infrared light to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. It has been used by doctors and patients with great success for various conditions, including depression, anxiety, arthritis and chronic pain.

There are many causes of greying hair, including simple genetics, age and exposure to damaging elements like the sun. One most people aren’t aware of is oxidative stress, where the problem comes from damage to the amino acids that are natural pigments in our body. As this stress builds up over time, it discolours our hair. This can start to show as young as our 30s, but when we hit our 50s, the hair becomes even more susceptible to damage. This type of damage causes a reduction in melanin production and therefore causes grey hairs to appear.

Recent studies show that light therapy can reverse the signs of ageing, giving us a younger, more youthful appearance. So it’s no surprise that red light therapy is becoming popular with people who are looking to slow down the greying process and keep those natural pigments in healthier shape.

Red light therapy can help reverse this process by helping the body produce more melanin to reverse or prevent further greying hair. The red light helps to stimulate blood circulation and oxygen flow to the root of your hair follicles. This is important because it allows for better delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your scalp so that your body can produce more melanin naturally.

Additionally, red light goes deep into the cells, stimulating certain enzymes that speed up cellular repair, reducing inflammation and repairing damaged cells. This gives your hair follicles the nutrients they need to grow healthy strands again. By these mechanisms, red light therapy can also prevent further damage and promote healthy new hair growth in its place. Furthermore, red light therapy is also great for reducing dandruff and improving scalp health.

If you’re interested in reversing grey hair naturally without using harsh chemicals or dyes, then red light therapy may be just what you’ve been looking for! Many celebrities use this treatment on their scalps as part of their beauty regimen—and you’ll see why when you try it yourself.

House of Evexia combines red light therapy with an Infrared Sauna sauna. So, not only can you experience the benefit of red light therapy, but you can also take in all of the healing capabilities of a sauna! The Infrared Sauna has been shown to increase metabolism (which helps burn fat) and reduce stress hormones like cortisol that lead to weight gain around the belly area (which is where most people store fat).

There are so many benefits of our Infrared Sauna, which you can find by navigating through our website and visiting our other blogs.

The Infrared Sauna at House of Evexia uses infrared heaters that produce a gentle wave of radiant heat that penetrates deep into the body’s tissues without direct contact with the skin. This helps you relax while providing many health benefits and helping you reverse and regress that grey hair. It seems that Red Light Therapy is most effective at preventing further loss, not reversing existing grey hair. That being said, the benefits of using this treatment far outweigh any potential side effects.

Those searching for a natural, safe way to reverse greying hair would do well to investigate Red Light Therapy as an alternative to chemical colourants. There is a good deal of evidence in support of red light therapy as a potential anti-ageing treatment.

It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Could red light therapy be the solution to all your hair woes? In the end, red light therapy can potentially be a viable option for reversing grey hair. Though it’s certainly not an instant process—as with most things in life, you get out what you put in. But it can have a long-lasting and positive impact on your hair and scalp when used correctly and consistently. And whether it reverses grey hair or makes your hair grow faster, there are plenty of other health benefits to keep in mind as well. So if you’re looking to try Red Light Therapy, just do it—and enjoy all the extra energy that comes with a healthy head of hair.

If you are worried about premature greying hair or are just looking for a natural boost to enhance your hair growth, look no further than coming down to a session in our House of Evexia Infrared Sauna.

House of Evexia is based in Rugby, Warwickshire. We have just installed two new revolutionary biohacking technologies; the Infrared Sauna is one of them.

Whether you’re based in Northampton, Coventry, Leicester, Birmingham or elsewhere in the UK, and want to understand more about Infrared Saunas and a whole other host of health optimisation biotech, come down!

We think the results speak for themselves. What are you waiting for? Don’t put off your health and well-being any longer. Contact us today and make the switch to infrared—you’ll never regret it.


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