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Forensic Wellness for Neurological and Cognitive Decline

Understanding Neurological and Cognitive Decline

Neurological and cognitive decline encompasses a range of conditions that affect the brain and nervous system, leading to issues such as memory loss, confusion, and reduced cognitive function. Conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and strokes are among the most common and impactful. These conditions not only affect the individual but also place a significant emotional and physical burden on their families and caregivers.
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The Role of Forensic Wellness

Forensic wellness offers a comprehensive and personalised approach to identifying and addressing the underlying causes of neurological and cognitive decline. By focusing on root cause analysis through advanced testing and holistic treatments, we aim to slow, halt, or even reverse the progression of these conditions.

Our Approach to Neurological Health

At our clinic, we integrate forensic wellness principles to support brain health and cognitive function. Our approach includes detailed assessments and targeted interventions designed to address the unique needs of each patient.

Conditions We Address

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia are progressive brain disorders that lead to memory loss, impaired thinking, and changes in behaviour. Our forensic wellness approach focuses on:

- Identifying and addressing nutritional deficiencies that may impact brain health.
- Reducing inflammation and oxidative stress through targeted therapies.
- Optimising hormone levels to support cognitive function.
- Detoxifying the body from harmful substances that can accumulate and affect brain health.


Strokes occur when blood flow to the brain is interrupted, leading to brain damage. Post-stroke rehabilitation and prevention of future strokes are key components of our approach:

- Improving cardiovascular health to reduce the risk of strokes.
- Supporting brain repair and recovery through personalised nutrition and supplements.
- Implementing lifestyle changes to prevent future strokes and support overall health.

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects movement. Our forensic wellness approach includes:

- Supporting dopamine production and brain function through diet and supplements.
- Addressing gut health, as it is closely linked to neurological function.
- Reducing inflammation that may exacerbate symptoms.

Comprehensive Testing and Taylormade Treatments

Our forensic wellness approach begins with comprehensive testing to uncover the root causes of neurological and cognitive decline. These tests may include:

- Advanced Blood Testing: To check for nutritional deficiencies, inflammation markers, and hormonal imbalances.
- Genetic Testing: To identify genetic predispositions that may influence neurological health.
- Toxicity Testing: To detect the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, and other environmental toxins that can impact brain function.
- Gut Microbiome Analysis: To evaluate gut health and its impact on the brain.

Based on the results, we create a personalised treatment plan that may include:

- Dietary modifications to support brain health.
- Nutritional supplements tailored to address specific deficiencies.
- Detoxification protocols to remove harmful substances from the body.
- Stress management techniques to reduce the impact of stress on cognitive function.
- Exercise plans designed to improve overall health and brain function.

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“My allergies were getting worse each year. Helen at House of Evexia identified specific allergens and underlying immune dysfunction through comprehensive tests. The individualised protocol they designed has drastically reduced my symptoms. I can now enjoy activities without constant discomfort. Their thorough testing and personalised care are second to none.” – Alice W.

Alice’s Triumph Over Allergies

“Managing diabetes was overwhelming until I found House of Evexia. Through a personalised protocol, we addressed my insulin resistance and dietary habits. The results were astonishing—my blood sugar levels are now stable, and I’ve lost weight. Their approach is personalized and effective. Anyone with diabetes should consider their assessments.” – David K.

David’s Victory Over Diabetes

“I was battling severe anxiety and traditional treatments weren’t working. House of Evexia performed detailed tests and found that oxidative stress was a major factor. The individual protocol they created for me included dietary changes and specific supplements. My anxiety has decreased significantly, and I feel more balanced. If you’re struggling with anxiety, I highly recommend their services.” – Emma R.

Emma’s Relief from Anxiety

“After a heart disease scare, I turned to Helen at  House of Evexia for help. Their 12-month protocol involved comprehensive blood tests and lifestyle changes. The program was intensive but effective; my blood pressure is now under control, and I feel healthier overall. For anyone dealing with cardiovascular issues, this is a game-changer.” – John D.

John’s Heart Health Restoration

“Autoimmune issues had me in constant pain. The team at House of Evexia used toxicity testing to uncover hidden triggers and tailored a 12-month protocol to address them. The results have been incredible—I’m in less pain and have more mobility. Their expertise in functional medicine is unmatched. I encourage anyone with autoimmune problems to get an assessment.” – Linda M.

Linda’s Battle with Autoimmune Conditions

Diagnosed with thyroid disease, I was struggling with weight gain and fatigue. House of Evexia’s comprehensive 1-2-1 12-month plan included detailed blood tests and targeted supplements. The personalised attention and regular check-ins made a huge difference. My thyroid function has improved significantly, and I feel like myself again. If you have thyroid issues, this is the place to go.” – Mark L.

Mark’s Thyroid Disease Turnaround

“I suffered from chronic fatigue for years, barely managing to get through my days. The 12-month protocol at House of Evexia changed my life. Through comprehensive testing and a personalised treatment plan, we identified nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. Today, I have more energy than ever. Highly recommend their thorough approach to anyone dealing with similar issues.” – Sarah T.

Sarah’s Journey with Chronic Fatigue


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