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Far Infrared Sauna

There’s nothing quite like a sweat session in a sauna. You feel more relaxed and rested after you’re done, and the heat may help to relieve sore muscles and improve your overall health and well-being. But if the high temperatures of a traditional sauna are just too much for you to handle, a Far Infrared Sauna may offer the benefits of a sauna without the extreme heat.
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What is A Far Infrared Sauna?

Instead of using traditional steam or flame-stoked heat, Far Infrared Sauna use infrared lamps to create heat, operating at a lower, more controlled temperature whilst still allowing users to enjoy the benefits of sauna. With traditional methods of sauna, the temperature in the whole room is elevated, typically to between 65C° and 91C°

. This can become quite uncomfortable to stay in for a length of time.

Far Infrared Sauna focus the warmth directly onto your skin so that you can enjoy their benefits more comfortably. Temperatures in infrared saunas typically land between 43C° and 57 C°.

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What Are The Benefits Of Infrared Sauna?

Heat methods have long been recommended for a number of health concerns. Here are a few benefits of Far Infrared Sauna:

Improved heart health – the sauna will elevate your heart rate in a similar way to cardiovascular exercise such as walking at a moderate pace, which may help to reduce blood pressure.

Soothing sore muscles – The use of the sauna may help to improve the blood circulation and speed up muscle recovery, with regular use you may even see an improvement in sports performance.

Pain relief – Researchers have found that use of Far Infrared Sauna could help to improve the symptoms of those who suffer from chronic pain.

Relaxation – Warm your body, soothe your mind and lighten your soul with the Far Infrared Sauna method. Studies have shown that use of the infrared sauna may help to decrease depression, anxiety and stress.

Improved sleep – Another great benefit to being more relaxed? Better sleep, which has also been linked to regular Far Infrared Sauna use.

InfraRed light is the only light frequency that can pass through all layers of the dermis, and reach
the bone level. InfraRed light wavelengths can reach the deep tissue for all kinds of healing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Patients with acne have often exhausted skin care products and oral medications in the search for improving the physical appearance of their skin. Blackheads, enlarged pores and chronic inflammation can be helped with improving circulation to the skin and by helping to remove waste from the body in a more effective way with sweating. By opening the pores and allowing the sebum to drain normally, infrared saunas may help to remove the impurities and to stop bacteria from replicating. Your Helen Taylor skin expert will advise on the best ways to help keep your skin clean to enjoy the full benefits of the sauna for your acne.

Infrared gives focussed warmth to your skin, helping to enhance and maintain the body’s capillary network. This increases the blood circulation especially to your skin’s surface. With an increase in blood circulation to the skin, you may see a noticeable improvement in the texture, complexion and tone of the skin on your face and body. The radiant heat of the infrared sauna warms ten times as deeply as conventional saunas and aids in the breakdown and releasing of stored fat and toxins through the skin. It is significantly more effective at reducing cellulite and promoting smoother skin.

As above, the effort our bodies use during an infrared sauna session provides a good workout! Your body can safely burn up to 800 calories through perspiring in just one 60-minute session in the sauna, the perspiring equivalent to running 15-25km. An infrared sauna session may help raise your basal metabolic rate, which means that you will burn calories at an elevated rate for hours after your session has finished.

Infra-red heat offers highly effective promotion of the body’s natural healing processes, the wavelengths lower lactic acid and stimulate endorphins. The wavelengths penetrate tissues, detoxify cells by vibration ionic bonds, reduce swelling and improve lymphatic flow and blood circulation to speed up healing. Infra-red saunas are used by the US Olympic team and astronauts at NASA.

Negative ions increase the flow to the brain, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness and more mental energy. For those who suffer with chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, hyperthermic methods may help to restore normal autonomic nervous system functioning. Repeated sessions of infra-red sauna may greatly assist in the restoration of normal autonomic nervous system functioning. This part of the nervous system controls unconscious functions such as muscle tension, sweating, blood pressure, digestion and balance. Autonomic dysregulation is the term used to describe changes in the nervous system, which result in many of the symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia (FMS). Muscle pain, excessive body odour, digestive complaints, visual disturbances and dizziness are some of the many manifestations of autonomic dysregulation.

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How Should I Prepare For Far Infrared Sauna Session?

There are a few things you should know before indulging in your first Far Infrared Sauna session.

You should not use the sauna if you have been drinking alcohol.
If you feel unwell or have a fever, it’s best to wait to use the sauna until you’re feeling better.
Using an infrared sauna will cause you to sweat a lot, so you may feel lightheaded when you stand up. If this happens, make sure you get up slowly and sit down once you leave the sauna.
Drink water immediately after your sauna session and wait for your body to cool down before doing anything else.

If you have any health concerns such as high blood pressure, heart problems, or are under medical care, you should seek advice from your GP before commencing sauna therapy.

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