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Explore our range of aesthetics treatments, meticulously crafted to focus on the areas you desire, supported by our dedicated team of skilled doctors, nurses, and skincare experts. Together, we’ll work to unveil a more confident, rejuvenated version of yourself. At House of Evexia, your journey to enhanced beauty and self-assuredness is our paramount concern.
Woman receiving Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Gone are the days where people sit raising an eyebrow at you as they wonder why you can't raise yours - today, with more advanced techniques, wrinkle and anti-ageing treatments give far more subtle anti-ageing results. Wrinkle and anti-ageing treatments are a great way to minimise the appearance of the first (or more advanced) signs of ageing.
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Woman after receiving Lip Filler Treatment

Lip Filler

If you were born with thin lips or they have become thinner with age, our team at House of Evexia can help you achieve natural-looking, fuller lips. Lip filler injections can enhance your natural pout, adding subtle volume to your lips so they appear younger and more feminine. We don't work on a ml basis, and rather focus on an overall look to deliver your desired effect.
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Woman receiving Dermal-Fillers Treatment

Dermal Fillers

The fine art of plumping lips and filling wrinkles has long been one of our most popular treatments because subtle and natural results immediately and which last for many months, making dermal fillers a good investment.
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Woman receiving Skin Boosting Treatment


We are delighted to introduce you two incredible anti-ageing treatments to help improve skin tone, texture, elasticity, firmness, hydration and radiance for up to six months. Skin boosting injections are a popular choice to improve your skin from within.
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Woman receiving Micro-Needling Treatment

Microneedling & Derma Rolling

It’s reported that Derma Rolling and microneedling treatments are a firm favourite with Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie and it’s been widely talked about in the media, with claims from derma rolling fans, that this super simple treatment can even heal stretch marks!
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Woman receiving Semi-Permanent Make-Up Treatment

Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Semi-permanent make-up at the House of Evexia Clinic in Rugby allows you to have perfect eyes, lips and brows for up to three years. Also known as cosmetic tattooing.
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Woman receiving Byonik Laser Facial Treatment

Byonik Laser Facial

Now this is what we call sophisticated - laser pulse technology that's designed by NASA.
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Woman receiving Hydrafacial Treatment


The HydraFacial is the ultimate treatment if you want your skin to be in its best condition and look younger. If you enjoy a regular facial, you’ll love the HydraFacial! Reportedly Beyonce's favourite facial. A HydraFacial offers much more than your everyday facial - it’s a confidence booster, an experience and a welcome treat for the skin – all rolled into one.
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Woman after receiving EMface Treatment

Emface Treatments

EMFACE is a radical non-invasive anti-ageing treatment that combines radiofrequency with facial electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES) to boost collagen and strengthen a select group of facial muscles and ligaments.
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Woman after receiving Lip Filler Treatment

Plexus FPL Advanced Pulse Light System

Traditional IPL is well established as an excellent treatment to improve the appearance of skin on the face and body. Plexus FPL has advanced the traditional IPL technology to make it safer and more versatile, meaning it can treat a number of concerns including pigmented lesions, fine lines and acne.
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Woman receiving Chemical Peel Treatment

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels for Younger, Brighter Skin at Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic, Rugby
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Woman receiving Exosomes For Skin Rejuvenation

Exosomes For Skin Rejuvenation

The world of regenerative aesthetics for our skin ever continues to develop and innovate.
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