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Vampire facial – the Halloween-themed treatment that’s not nearly as scary as it sounds!

With Halloween fast approaching, I’m getting excited – and not only because I’ve got the perfect excuse to snack on toffee apples and watch scary films. It’s also because I’ve recently introduced a new treatment to my beauty portfolio – the Vampire Facelift. Don’t let the nickname put you off because this is one of the most cutting-edge and effective treatments on the market today…

Behind the mask

Many of us find that the ageing process brings with it a number of unwelcome side effects. Bits of our body start to sag due to the plasma being diverted to the organs, our skin becomes greyer, and our face shape less defined. Fine lines and wrinkles suddenly become part of our everyday lives.

These are all common issues that people can encounter from as young as their mid-twenties. Some ladies also find that they experience pigmentation after childbirth. I meet some ladies who have brown pigmentation on their upper lip following laser hair removal.

Thankfully, the vampire facial can help to fix these issues. The plasma-based rejuvenation therapy is used to treat scarring and signs of ageing such as wrinkles and pigmentation. It’s essentially an advanced version of dry needling and both treatments are entirely natural and kind to the skin.

While dry needling encourages the skin’s production of natural collagen, vampire facelifts work by taking your own blood, drawing out the plasma/platelets and injecting them back into your skin. The treatment is entirely safe as it’s impossible for the body to have a reaction against its own plasma.

How it works

The treatment begins by taking the blood and placing it into four small vials. The blood is then put into a centrifuge and spun – this will separate the plasma from the blood. The plasma is then siphoned off as that’s the good stuff!

This process shows just how intelligent our plasma is – you can tell how healthy someone is by his or her plasma alone. The separation divide is less clear and the plasma appears darker in those of us who are of poor health. If you are a smoker, the blood separation will appear even fuzzier.

There are a number of ways that the vampire facelift uses your plasma to treat different skin issues. All of these methods work to restore definition and improve tone and texture by encouraging the body’s natural healing process.

Time to glow

For those who wish to plump out their skin and create a rosy appearance, I will gently inject the plasma directly into the fine lines and wrinkles. Injecting the plasma straight back into the skin using tiny needles helps to stimulate blood flow and rejuvenate the skin for a natural, healthy and more youthful image.

When treating pigmentation issues, I might also add a vitamin cocktail to tighten skin and make it appear fresher.

The treatment’s name comes from the part of the process where I work my way round the skin on your face using microscopic needles to inject plasma into the most important entrance points. I will then let this “sit on the skin” in a type of facemask so that it fully absorbs the plasma.

While this might sound a bit intimidating, there’s no need to be nervous. I’ll let you know what’s happening at all stages.

Vampire facelifts work their magic pretty fast and your skin will feel softer just one day after treatment. Most clients will experience a bit of spotted blood and some redness but this will fade after just a few hours. I always advise my clients to only use mineral-based makeup (if any) following treatment.

This therapy is kind to your skin as all it uses is your very own plasma – the Rolls Royce of your blood and the power that keeps it all going.

Once you’ve had your treatment you’ll see the results improve over the following 2 – 3 months with the effects lasting up to 2 years. This really is one of the best treatments you can invest in if you’re looking to combat the signs of ageing.

Last but not least, if you’ve Googled “Kim Kardashian Vampire Facelift” don’t be put off – my treatments are nothing like that! While the idea behind it is the same, my treatments are entirely natural and use a different application process.

For more information or to just have a chat about how the vampire facelift can help your skin, get in touch today!


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