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Hello, it’s Helen and this week I wanted to share something slightly different with you, as I have finally received the first copy of my book – “Your best kept secret’. I am over the moon, and I have to be honest, when I held the book in my hands this morning, and read the dedication to my Dad, I did shed a tear.

Writing this book has been a momentous journey for me.

When I started to explore what I wanted to go in it, I had no idea where my feelings would take me.

Little did I know, just two months ago, that when I truly put my mind to it, that something that I had been frequently dreaming about was soon to become a reality. It just goes to show that when you really, REALLY want something to appear in your life, YOU  have the power to make it happen.

And in a way I guess that’s what I wanted my book to say to you – that when you believe in yourself and take action, your life can look exactly how YOU want it to.

There is no right or wrong way to do things – and each day is a new canvas ready to be painted. SO, order your copy here, and it will be delivered to you as soon as it is released on May 16th. And with this gem of a book in your handbag, who knows where the day will take you.

Here is a little something that I have just put together to share with you. In my book I wrote my top 5 tools for living a taylormade life. I wanted to expand on them – I love to give bonus content. SO, sit back, relax and ENJOY it.

1. Respect yourself

Always, always respect yourself. Because if you do not respect yourself, how on earth can you ever expect anybody else to? Respecting yourself can sometimes feel difficult – if you do not like your appearance, or if you find yourself in an abusive relationship where somebody is continually having a go at you.

2. ALWAYS listen to your intuition

Intuition will never fail you. The one person whose opinion or advice you can trust in life, is your own. If your intuition is trying to tell you something, then please, please LISTEN TO IT.  That’s all that I have to say about that one!

3. Make friends with ageing

Ageing is something that none of us enjoy, is it? Sure, we can embrace it, and yes, the internal aspects of aging (such as a great sense of wisdom and a firmer sense of self),are something that a lot of us welcome. But wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and sagging. Well it’s something that’s going to one day happen to all of us. Unless you have a fab aesthetician.

4. Never let anyone else define you

YOU are the only person who you need to answer to. Never let anyone else define you. YOUR version of you will always be better than somebody else’s expectations of you. As long as you are being your most authentic self, then the people who are meant to meet you will always find their way to you. And gorgeous, they are going to LOVE you.

5. Never be afraid to walk away from anything (or anyone) that doesn’t suit you.

It may be one of the hardest lessons that I have learned over the last decade, but it has also been possible the most rewarding. Learning to walk away from things, and walking away from people, has given me a sense of freedom, If something or somebody is taking their toll on you, and smothering your day in drama – simply walk away from it/them. YOU get to CHOOSE how your life FEELS.

And there you have it – your next step is to write down what YOUR tools for a Taylormade life would be, and if you’re feeling brave, why not head on over to Facebook and come and share them? I’d really love to hear from you.

Have a lovely day, whatever you are up to, and if you are coming to the launch event, I am looking forward to seeing you!


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