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The Benefits of Stem Cell Exosomes

Why You Need To Unlock The Benefits Of Stem Cell Exosomes

So, you’ve landed here wondering why stem cell exosomes are uniquely beneficial for your health. And why you should visit House of Evexia, for your FIRST EVER stem cell exosome treatment!

Well, let us explain it to you directly.

First of all, it is of paramount importance that you understand this concept.  Stem cells and stem cell exosomes are two different things. Whereas stem cells are a particular type of cell in the body which can become any cell (known as a pluripotent cell).

Stem cell exosomes are extracellular bubble-like vesicles released from the stem cells. You can view stem cells like a clever 3D printer that can print any cell type and view the exosomes like the machinery helping the printer create the partitions.

House of Evexiaare proud to be one of the first clinics in Europe to harness the power of exosomal healing tools. Stem cell exosomes constitute a relatively new and promising approach to medicine, and we are SO excited to be involved in this world.

So, let’s get started.

Now, when we consider the potential medical use of stem cell exosomes, these microscopic messengers have a lot to say.  You can view stem cell exosomes as nature’s bio-cargo carriers.

If I’ve got things right…you’ve probably heard of stem cells before, but you’ve yet to hear of exosomes. And based on this, why are exosomes better than stem cells?

Exosomes are better than stem cells because exosomes contain nearly three times the amount of growth factors to restore and revitalise target cells.

Through exosomes, cells can communicate about:

  • The status of the immune system.
  • When specific cells are replicated out of control.
  • When the body needs specific vitamins and nutrients.

Exosomes are the chosen therapy when it comes to rejuvenation for a reason:

  • As we get older, more and more of our cells are replaced with “normal” cells instead of stem cells. As a result, our body slowly loses its ability to regenerate and recover.
  • In this case, the stem cell exosome could carry the ability to initiate repair and regeneration even in the absence of stem cells.
  • Stem cell exosomes carry less risk when used in clinical settings than stem cells.

You may want to know what stem cell exosomes can do for your anti-ageing regime.

  • Stem cells are the ultimate Holy Grail of regeneration, so if stem cell exosomes are spread throughout the rest of your body via the therapy we have available at House of Evexia, you will see drastic changes to your outer appearance and the way you feel.
  • Individuals report better skin, greater vitality and improved cognition.
  • This occurs as stem cell exosomes have the potential to correct cellular degradation over time.
  • Ageing is a general result of gradual but progressive cellular decay, and stem cell exosomes hijack this process, returning cellular replication to standard and thus counteract some of the effects of ageing.

How about hair replacement? Which is something we ALL struggle with as we age.

  • A targeted use of exosome therapy is for treating hair loss.
  • Well, the miracle is here. If the right kinds of exosomes are injected into hair follicles, those follicles are stimulated to behave differently and start to regenerate.
  • This immediately results in better hair growth and thicker hair growth.
  • This therapy is one of the ONLY therapies to counteract the effects of male pattern baldness and other conditions.

Here at House of Evexia, we are delighted to inform you that Helen travelled to Seoul, Korea, to learn first hand how to use exosomes in hair replacement treatment.

On the other hand, perhaps you have something more severe like an autoimmune disease like Lyme Disease or arthritis.  Autoimmune diseases are increasingly difficult to deal with daily and cause excessive inflammation in your system.  However, exosomes loaded with suitable proteins and nucleic acids could interrupt this inflammation process and counteract some of the symptoms of the disease.

Stem cell exosomes are incredibly useful for maintaining the health of your body. That’s because they deliver proteins and RNA to cells, which signals them to perform certain functions or produce specific proteins.

For example, if you’re injured, stem cell exosomes will travel to the injury site and signal other cells to start healing it by producing proteins like collagen or other growth factors that promote healing.

These vesicles work by delivering growth factors that help wounds heal faster and reduce scarring. They also provide instructions to your body’s cells so they know what to do when they encounter an injury site.

For example, if an injury occurs on your face, these exosomes communicate with your skin cells, so they know how to grow back healthy skin instead of scar tissue.

So, if you have a scar somewhere that you’re looking to get rid of once and for all, then look no further.  Helen has a wide range of regenerative aesthetic programmes available for you to harness so that you feel free to express your true confident self every day.

When it comes to your health and wellness, stem cell exosomes are crucial. These tiny miracle molecules contain proteins that stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and nerve cells in the brain. Stem cell exosome research is constantly innovating, so you can expect more medical breakthroughs in the future.

Helen’s trip to Seoul to the Regenerative Exosome Global Conference was only about a month ago! Stem cell exosome therapy may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, though it is becoming a reality. This treatment method has the potential to become more common as time goes on!

If you are interested in joining the stem cell club, call us on 0800 690 6871. We’re always looking for the latest treatments to help you look and feel your absolute best.


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