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Observ 520x Skin Analysis machine

Skin Analysis – Observ 520x

Introducing the Revolutionary Observ 520x Skin Analysis

At House of Evexia we are always excited to bring you the latest technology to help you look and feel fabulous. Introducing the Revolutionary Observ 520x Skin Analysis machine, which highlights skin irregularities and concerns at both epidermal and dermal skin layers, allowing us to create Taylor made treatments for you to combat the concerns.

Observ 520x  is based on scientific principles of skin fluoresces – when our skin cells emit visible light in unique ways during safe UV light exposure. The eight different light modes inside the Obsev 520x display various skin concerns including textural topography and skin tone irregularities (such as sun damage, pigmentation and melasma), face vascular conditions and inflammations. It is a wonderful appliance for determining the best skincare or Taylor Made treatments would be the best for you. You can see it in action here!

Some skin conditions begin to develop in deeper layers of the skin and gradually become visible over time. With the help of the Observ 520x Skin Analysis at House of Evexia in Rugby, our skincare experts can detect any concerns before they become visible and choose the best treatment plan for you to prevent any future skin problems.

Why Observ520x is Essential for Your Consultation

During our thorough consultation, the House of Evexia skin experts aim to understand you as a person, your needs, wishes and concerns. We are dedicating ourselves to finding the best solution and treatment plan for your goals.

With the help of Observ 520X, we can now understand your skin and its conditions in deeper layers allowing us to find the best bespoke treatment plan for you.

Am I Suitable For Observ 520x?

Yes. Everyone who wants to know about their skin conditions is a great candidate for Observ 520x skin analysis at our Rugby aesthetics clinic.

How Does Observ 520x Work?

Using fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology, the Observ 520x analysis reveals different skin concerns at both epidermal and dermal skin layers.

Why Should I Book a Skin Analysis?

With the help of the Observ 520x skin analysis machine at our Rugby aesthetics clinic, we can detect any concerns and find the best treatment plan for your skin.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Observ 520x?

There are no reported risks or side effects from the Observ 520x machine. However, during the skin analysis process, we highly advise you to keep your eyes shut due to the bright lights inside the machine.

Book an Observ 520x Skin Analysis

Send an email to [email protected] or call us on 0800 690 6871. to book.


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